FPQ <3 Mother Earth

It is truly a NEW ERA for FPQ… ⏳
As times change, FPQ changes too, keeping all the classic and beloved things about our parties, with a touch of something totally new. 🤍
We are filled with excitement to start our celebration of the astonishing diversity of existence. 🌏We revel in the freedom and empowerment to be authentically ourselves. 🌈Prepare to scream and shout as we present a lineup of popular hits for you to enjoy. While we have a blast, it is crucial to remember that Pride is not just a party; it is also a form of protest! 🧱
Through Pride, we demonstrate our deep love for Mother Earth and our environment. This event is more than just a celebration of our existence; it serves as a platform to advocate for positive change. Once again, on August 5, we gather at Paradiso to cherish our freedom and liberty in the most unforgettable way.💎